First things first: We are a hard-working, but very small operation with just two full-time employees and two or three interns at any given time. We specialize in short-run releases and unique packages that exude a certain “cottage industry” vibe.

As a record label, we are well aware of the current state of our industry and make no wild claims about what we can do. We start each project small and scale up as its viability becomes apparent. We are very much interested in your artistic and financial success, and sharing in it with you.

We run a completely transparent operation, bringing the artist in on every decision that influences the bottom line. We don’t spend money unless it is absolutely necessary, and we don’t put our artists in debt for any reason.

In order for us to consider your music for a release, you must have the following things: 

  • Great songs. This is super important!
  • A unique sound and a well-rehearsed live show
  • A solid following of fans in your area
  • A functional and updated website
  • Social media accounts that are current and well-curated
  • The ability to pre-sell at least 100 copies of any release

Our basic record deal is a single-page agreement in plain English. You will be expected to work hard along with us to ensure that your music sells and is well-received by press and fans. You will be expected to act professionally and show a tenacious work ethic through the entire recording/touring cycle.

In return, we will:

  • Record your music in our studio, free of charge
  • Grant you full ownership of your copyrights
  • Produce and manufacture physical releases for you
  • Send press and radio promos out in advance of the release
  • Provide assistance with booking and press events
  • Share a very fair percentage of royalties from your sales
  • Work with you continually through the album/tour cycle

“Sounds pretty cool, where do I send my demo?”

  • First, make sure your music fits with our vibe. We trend towards the punky/grungy/surfy stuff, but are game to almost any kind of music. If you are looking to submit instrumental electronic music, please check out our sister label, Nophi.  
  • We strongly suggest checking out our Bandcamp page and buying a release or two for listening purposes. This will definitely prove that you are willing to do your research and become a fan of our label. After you’ve done that, please introduce yourself with an email.
  • Your email should include all of the information about your project, including a link to your website, social media profiles, and a place to hear your music. You do not need to send us a physical demo.
  • Please do not attach files to the email (our email server does not allow it).
  • Be patient. We try to respond to everything we get, but it may take a little while.