Pup Sounds is a small record label imprint based in Atlanta, GA. We champion the quirky, nerdy, DIY, and indie music scenes. Our primary output centers around the work of Randy Garcia and Kayla Webb, a married couple with way too many ideas between them. We also help our friends with their music, and manage a pretty interesting archive of weird and obscure bands from the last 20 years. We are always accepting demos.
R_Garcia on Pup Sounds

Today we added R_Garcia’s Resurgens and No Holds Bard to the Pup Sounds catalog. Originally released on Nophi, these two albums were “out-of-print” for the better part of a year. We’re excited to present them to you once again — in audiophile quality!

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Nerd Parade on PupSounds

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added the entire Nerd Parade catalog to our Bandcamp store! You can now download all three of their full-length albums in audiophile quality for just $7 each.

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Pup Sounds on Bandcamp!

We’ve launched a digital store at Bandcamp with lots of great albums. We’ll be adding to it for the next few months until our entire catalog is available on-line. Check it out!

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